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Tires for every need and every purpose. 


At Midwest Tire, we help you choose the very best  tires at the most competitive prices. Doing business with an experienced company like ours has its advantages. We can help you save time and money. Along with dependable new or used tires that are matched perfectly to your vehicles, our company provides free installation and outstanding service.


At Midwest Tire, we check all tires for problems pressure and tread. We look for punctures on used tires and imperfections on new ones. We make repairs or returns if necessary, so you know that you are getting good tires every time. Our company is so confident in our product that we can offer warranties for both new and used tires. 


At Midwest Tire, we not only feature experienced, trained technicians and great service, but we also provide you with a wide selection of brands. Our inventory is extensive. We keep all the most popular and trustworthy brands in stock. We provide advice to help you decide if new or used tires best fit your needs and your budget. Everything we sell is usable. We never sell tires that come from junk yards. As added assurance, each new or used tire you purchase from us comes with a warranty.


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