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Tire Repair and Service

A flat tire is an inconvenience to any driver. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. More importantly, though, a flat tire could put both the driver and passengers of a vehicle in danger. A flat can occur at any time –  while you’re parked or when you’re driving. If a tire is punctured while driving, it’s wise to pull off to the side of the road immediately. 


NEVER DRIVE ON A FLAT TIRE! If you can’t fix a flat yourself or if you don’t have a spare, always call for assistance. Besides risking lives, driving on a flat tire can cause extensive damage to the tire, wheel rim and possibly other parts of your car. Flats with slits and gashes are generally caused by sharp objects left on the road, but the most common offenders are small nails and screws in driveways and parking lots that puncture tire surfaces and lead to slow leaks. 


Bring your flat tires to Midwest Tire. Have our experts evaluate punctures or slits and repair or replace damaged tires before they lead to more serious problems. Keep in mind that certain high speed and high performance tires cannot be repaired, but we can always help you with standard tire types, or steer you in the right direction for replacing your high performance tires. You can trust our service people to be honest with you. We’ll get you back on the road in the most timely and least costly manner no matter how much damage has been done.


At Midwest Tire, we challenge ourselves to do repairs right the first time. If tires are not properly repaired, they may fail you again, causing blowouts or tread-belt separation that will result in loss of control or even worse. Don’t take chances. Stop in to see us!



If you need tire repair in West Michigan, call Midwest Tire at 616-538-2110 or Email us: or stop in at: 3215 28th St SW, Grandville.

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