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Rim Repair

Before thinking about buying a new rim, call on our experts at Midwest Tire to evaluate the damage and make repairs if applicable. Midwest Tire’s technicians are very capable of taking care of all your rim repairs, including leaks. 


There are various reasons why rims leak. Steel rims leak because rust accumulates between the rim and the tire. Rust is inevitable as water collects in rims. Aluminum rims don’t rust, but they can leak. Seepages in aluminum rims are caused by the bonding of tire rubber with aluminum over time. In some cases, rims leak because they are bent or cracked, the most common cause being an accident or perhaps an overlooked factory defect.


It takes expertise to repair leaky rims, and our technicians have the special skills to stop all types of leaks. At Midwest Tire we do what is best for your tires and rims, putting you back on the road in no time – without having to worry about your safety or comfort.


At Midwest Tire, we do what’s best for tires and rims, putting you back on the road in no time. Call us at: 616-538-2110 or Email us:

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